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$37/week for personal coaching in group environment

What is PowerPLAY?

PowerPLAY is the only model of its kind where you have your own workout in a small group environment.

We don’t use fancy gadgets or TV screens.

It’s plain and simple –  honest one on one coaching of the highest quality, working on you and your agenda.

We are all about training for life, seeing real differences and helping you feel the best you have felt in a long time.

Using intelligent programming by tracking your Power data, Heart rate and Functional movement makes this truly unique and the only model with this format.

The group atmosphere makes for highly engaging community where no-one is above each other but we are all here because we like to workout and the feeling that comes with a workout.

And the best part? You can join online from anywhere.

We are after the mature audience who are ready – ready to make, feel and see a real difference and transformation both physically and mentally. 

What does ‘fitness’ mean to us?

The term ‘fitness’ is typically centered around commonly known metrics such as kilograms, weight and VO2. But, at PowerPLAY fitness is pure and simple. It’s as simple as building up your physiological and psychological systems to be able to handle everyday life.

In our classes, we focus on teaching and developing:

  • Stress management
  • Body control
  • Resilience
  • Confidence
  • Maintaining composure

Taking an all-rounder approach, we teach you the only core work that you’ll ever need to worry about: how to maintain good composure when faced with physical and psychological obstacles. This is done through our trainers encouraging members to explore what the tension and stress feels like rather than ‘bite in to it’.

Our Services

What we do


In small classes, our workouts consist of using a mixture of ergometer training such as exercises on the floor using dumbbells or treadmills and bikes with a focus on helping our members overcome self-disbelief.

Neural Engagement Therapy

Our NETT training relies on mind and body talk where our coaches teach you how to de-clutter your brain and body connecting, so that you can control and find ways to repair yourself.

Nutrition & Personal Coaching

We work you to help facilitate a nutritional path for you to follow based on a range of factors like your nutritional goals, your lifestyle, your mental wellbeing and health history.

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